Friday, May 30, 2008

New This Week!

New to my etsy shop this week, I have listed some pieces from my
signature series. These feature my fused glass pendants together
with semi-precious or new and rare beads. I have
been haiving fun taking a break from my summer line and revisitng some pieces to see what new things I can create: Just like my kids with lego.

BLOG SPECIAL: Just for friends and subscribersto this blog, you can get free shipping when you purchase anything from Penny Glass Girl. This includes my Etsy site and my NEW Dawanda site.

P.S. If you combine this offer with the one listed in my shop sepcial section on etsy - you can also receive a free 16" chain (with purchase of three items)!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bubbles are Fun

I've been doing these small stained glass pieces on my etsy site, the series is entitled, "Bubbles".

It has been great to dabble in stained glass again after a break whileI have concentrated on fusing. I forgot how fun soldering is - an how hot, ouch!

It's fun to see the all the different ways I can design within the same confines. Each piece has been very different.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking for other e avenues....

I began looking to sell my goods in other places in the last few weeks...
I love etsy and the supportive community I found there, and now I need to expand. So far, my investigation has turned up DaWanda as a good place to sell across the pond, so off I go on another e adventure.

For someone so young (relatively speaking) I have somehow missed the tech gene. My husband (V.P. of a tech company) makes fun of my lack of skill and constant questions: What's a "thread" and how the heck am I supposed to keep it alive? (aren't I responsible for enough lives already?). What is the difference between a "hit" a "mark" or a....well I don't care just get me there!

I vow today, to brush up on my "e language" and not be left behind in the e merchant world. I go forth from here. Look for my new shop (coming soon, if I can figure this out in euros!).

Monday, May 19, 2008

Enter to win one of my jewelry pieces!

This week, Simply Sentimental, a great selller on etsy, has featured my work on her site and I'm giving away one of my pieces. Go to her blog to check out the details. She always has something fun to look at and great gift ideas too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Made it into a treasury today!

I'm having fun with some new summer colours and today I was included in a treasury on etsy! I'm so glad that someone else appreciates the way I use colour because I'm having way too much fun playing in my studio lately (the laundry is piled up and threatning to escape!). Oh well, only so many hours in the day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Working Mom Gets Through IT!

Ok, I don't like to complain, but this week was a little challenging! Two sick kids (one with the chicken pox, one with the flu), but I managed to get through it and still get a little new work in! Yay, chaulk one up for working moms everywhere!

Although, sleep deprived, I managed to post some exciting new items on my etsy site. Including some new dichroic pendants (so deep and glittery!) and new fused glass items including bookmarks, wine stops and keychains.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Summer Collection

I have been busy in my small (and very hot!) studio working way on my summer collection. I have mastered a new (to me) glass and a few very cool techniques. Here are a few examples of my new line which is slowly being posted at

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Penny Glass Girl Finally Begins a Blog!

I have been making art my entire life, but fell in love with glass about six years ago. I began selling to friends and family, then friends of friends, then family of friends, then to retail, then online...before I knew it I had started to build a small but fullfilling business that I could work into my full-time parent schedule.

It all began when....
My husband dragged me to a stained glass class so that we could have an activity only adults could do after the birth of our first child. He quickly became the "teacher's pet" as his mechanical skill was far superior, but after many, many late nights I fell in love - with glass!

Light drives me....
I love the way light can pass through glass and totally transform it. My sons, although only seven and three, already marvel at my creations and beg me to put them up to a window to view them. I love that I have instilled this appreciation for glass, and all its reflective qualities, in them at such a young age.

I just had to start melting stuff...
About a year ago, I was no longer content to make cold glass and was inspired by a local lampwork class. After an attempt at making lampwork beads however, I realized that this was not for me. While at the studio, I inquired about glass fusing, and decided to dive right in. I bought a kiln, all the supplies and decided that I could teach myself. I was amazed when my first, second, then third attempts were successful - again I fell deeper in love. Like most relationships, all it takes is a little background research and many sleepless nights!

Glass has given me the ability to take all the colours and shapes floating around my head and translate them into art, while challenging my technical abilities. When I'm in my studio I get to use the Parts of myu brain that were dusty from parenting duties and give me more to pass on to my kids, a deep appreciation of an age old artform and their mother - the glass artist.