Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shop Update: New Birds

This post is a little late, (I had a total computer meltdown this week) but I wanted to let you know about all the new happenings in the shop this week.

I listed a new set of pendants, these sweet little birds meant to bring a pop of colour to our white wintery days:

These pendants will be sold in seperate listings in the shop and also as a set, great for gifts and weddings:) AS with all new listings, if youput the word "friend" in the coupon code section, you'll recieve FREE shipping when you purchase.

I also wanted to let you know that a BIG SALE will be happening starting this next week to clear some older designs and make room for my spring collection.

I'll list all the details Monday. Until then, I hope you are staying cosy and warm with those you love this week.

XXOO Penny

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Weekend

It's snowy here, finally! So the while the kids are out shovelling the snow (yay!) I'm stayin in keepin warm and bundled. I love the snow, but just to look at from the warmth of the inside. I bought these flowers yesterday as a way to remind us that spring is just around the corner:)
I hope your staying warm and cosy with the poeple you love this weekend. xxoo Penny

Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Today: Napkin Rings

Hello:) Today, I decided to make some new napkin rings for a dinner party we're having with friends tonight. It's a csual BBQ type dinner, so I wanted to keep it light and simple. The napkins, made by my talented friend and fab textile designer, Saskia, are my favourite shade of sunny yellow and feature lovely little brids in various colours.

To make the napking rings, I used some fused glass cabs that I had left over from making some jewelry (but you could used anything with a flat back side for this). First, I glued a pad used to make a bolo style tie (I get mine at a jewelry supply store locally and must say that they come in handy for so many things)and let them set for about 3 hours:

Then, when the pads were set on the back, I threaded some ribbon through the back and flatened the ends down:
Then I tied the ribbon in a loose knot around the napkins and ces't fini!
Now I get to spend the afternoon cooking up some yummy bbq. Hope you get to spend the weekend with those you love. xxoo Penny

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day Off

Today, I decided to take a day off from work (one of the very best benefits of working for myself:) Instead of lounging around in my jammies, which I was very tempted to do, I decided to make tackle a few projects off my to-do list.

Since tomorrow is friday (yay!) and we are having friends for dinner, I was a busy bee planning my menue and digging up some decor ideas for the table. I love my oak dining table, but I wanted to dress it a little differently tomorrow for a fun bbq. I kind of wanted to dress it down a little, you know, picnic-style to brighten a wintery day. In the end, I decided on this ANNAMOA fabric from IKEA for the table cloth. I think it'll be the perfect addition to our fun casual table:
I'll try and get some pics of the table tomorrow before the festivites. I'm really looking forward to an evening with good friends after a particularly busy week:) xxoo Penny

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sometimes, the little things mean the world to me.

Today, I haven't been my usual upbeat self. I'm not one to complain, well, not TOO much, but things just having been going my way.

At least, that was the way my day was going until a good friend dropped by "just because",after my can-anything-else-go-wrong!!!! morning, and just brightened my day. AND she brought me ribbon which she just happened to see on sale and knew that I used for my packages. I had just run out of ribbon and was going to have to go all the way accross town to get it but now I don't have to. It's like we have some kind of friend esp:) Sometimes, especially during the bad times, I feel so lucky to be reminded that I have a great back up system.

So thankful for the little things today, and isn't this ribbon adorable? Right? Love it, and THANKS friend:)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shop Update: Sneak Peek New Customizable Bracelets

Sometimes, inspiration for a new piece strikes me and I can't get produce it fast enough. At other times, I need to think about an idea and ruminate on it for quite some time. It's the latter senerio that went into creating my newest bracelet idea.

The inspiration for these bracelets came originally from the countless paint chips and colour wheels that I have been starring at for the last few weeks contemplating my newest home project - a total re-do o our third floor (more on that later). I wanted to create a bracelet that could be completely customized and provide a fun way to play with differnt colour combinations. In addition, all the colours can be ound in my pendants, making them a great accent when worn together.

Here's a sneak peek of the results:

I'll be listing the bracelets above in the shop tomorrow along with a custom listing and all my current glass options so that you can customize a piece in any colour combo you desire. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase one right away, send me an email at and I'll set up a listing just for you.

Cheers, and happy weekend!

xxoo Penny

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Fine Mess This Weekend

Today, I woke up to find this mess on my dining room table:

It seems that my two boys were up early and had the sudden need to decorate the bird houses that a neighbour gave them almost a year ago. Although, I didn't relish the idea of cleaning up, I was happy to see that they were productive and not seated in front of the TV or computer. And hey, I was able to sleep in on what seems like the first saturday in history when we didn't have to wake up and make a mad dash for the hockey rink, the ski hill or some other such activity. AND they thought to use placemats!

A few hours later, and I had another mess to clean up (this time my own):

Since it really feels like a holiday on this lazy saturday, I decided not to do any work, but to make a few beaded bracelets for myself with beads that I have been meaning to use for a while:

So far, it's been a pretty fine day, hope your weekend is lovely too. xxoo Penny