Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking for other e avenues....

I began looking to sell my goods in other places in the last few weeks...
I love etsy and the supportive community I found there, and now I need to expand. So far, my investigation has turned up DaWanda as a good place to sell across the pond, so off I go on another e adventure.

For someone so young (relatively speaking) I have somehow missed the tech gene. My husband (V.P. of a tech company) makes fun of my lack of skill and constant questions: What's a "thread" and how the heck am I supposed to keep it alive? (aren't I responsible for enough lives already?). What is the difference between a "hit" a "mark" or a....well I don't care just get me there!

I vow today, to brush up on my "e language" and not be left behind in the e merchant world. I go forth from here. Look for my new shop (coming soon, if I can figure this out in euros!).

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