Sunday, August 31, 2008


First Day Of School, First Day Of School!!!!!!!!!

Oops, did I say that out loud? Yes, I do love back to school, and my kids do too (for now, they're still young). But I have to admit, I never did lose my entusiasm for fall, autumn colours, warmer clothes and new school supplies.

In honour of this fabulous occaision - and because I happen to know the most talented designer in the world - I have a brand new look on my etsy site to go along with all my new goodies. I will be integrating it into my blog soon too, but for now, it's beyond my technical skills :)

Thanks so much to Carolyn Houston, designer extrodinaire, for her hard work. Penny Glass Girl has never been so glamourous!

My new fall line, which is being rolled out on my Etsy site, and in various retail locations, was designed with my memories of autumn and all that it inspires. Think warm colours, natural textures and all the organic materials that I could think of including: glass, wood, and hemp. Being me, I couldn't forget the fun and playfullness either - a whole new lot of bright and fun colours have poped up too.

Because I love fall sooo much, please mention my blog when you order, and I will include free shipping and gift wrapping.

Thanks for taking time to consider my work, more to come soon!

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