Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shop Update: Updating my Classics

I have been busy updating the shop this week! While I haven't got around to photographing and listing my all new products (coming soon!) I have been able to list some favourites and best-sellers which I have re-vamped in all NEW colours.

First, my best-selling dandelion pendants are now being offered in serene soothing shades (but don't worry the brights can still be found here too:)
Soothing Shades:

I've also re-vamped my classic Ginkgo pendants in all NEW colours and made them 1 inch pendants (they used to be 1.25 inches and I wanted them to be a little more delicate:

These pendants are available in sets in my shop as well and make great bridesmaids gifts and wedding favours (just sayin). Drop by anytime, it's always nice of you to visit:) Penny

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