Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Fine Mess This Weekend

Today, I woke up to find this mess on my dining room table:

It seems that my two boys were up early and had the sudden need to decorate the bird houses that a neighbour gave them almost a year ago. Although, I didn't relish the idea of cleaning up, I was happy to see that they were productive and not seated in front of the TV or computer. And hey, I was able to sleep in on what seems like the first saturday in history when we didn't have to wake up and make a mad dash for the hockey rink, the ski hill or some other such activity. AND they thought to use placemats!

A few hours later, and I had another mess to clean up (this time my own):

Since it really feels like a holiday on this lazy saturday, I decided not to do any work, but to make a few beaded bracelets for myself with beads that I have been meaning to use for a while:

So far, it's been a pretty fine day, hope your weekend is lovely too. xxoo Penny

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