Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Penny Glass Girl.

Hello friends. I really hope that you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did this year. I am truly beside myself with gratitude for the friends and family that surround me in times like these, making this a holiday that I will remember for the truly laid back times, slow cooking, chatting over many cups of tea and rummaging through the snow banks (finally, snow in Toronto!).

This year, I feel especially re-energized and so ready to get back to work. MY well-rested brain is brusting with new ideas and my notebooks are full to the brim with pieces that must get made. I have already begun listing some new spring pieces in the shop last night and hope to continue doing so as the week progresses. I do hope you can find the time to drop by Penny Glass Girl for a peek.

New Fly Away pendant series.

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