Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Tax Time

I hate tax time, and I think I finally realize why, it's because I am so disorganized when it comes to paper work. Thus, I have a new tax year resolution: To streamline my office and paperwork procedures as much as I have my studio space.

Here are a few suggestions which I resolve to follow this year:

1. Clean up my desk and files. I found a few great suggestions on the HGTV website.

2. Make paperwork easier and more enjoyable. After much research I think that I need to do a weekly journal using Quickbooks.

3. Make my office a more enjoyable environment to be in. I think that a few of these oranizers are in order:

These embroidery hoop bullentin borads from littleprettystudio would make me smile, and keep me better organized

These file folders from WhiskerGraphics are just what I need for my thousands (really!) of receipts that float around everywhere.

I have am phobia (it's extreme) of computer cords, these great new travel cord organizers from RAGGEDedgeGear
are bright and functional.

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Whisker Graphics said...

Thanks for including my Mini File Folders. I hope they help you wrangle all your receipts!
Whitney @ Whisker Graphics