Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making An Imperfect Pizza.

Pizza day happens every week in our house. It doesn't have to be the same day each week - we are after all, a typical busy family - but our kids would never let us forget the ritual.

It has to be a day that Dad is home, he has an important role: the DJ who selects the music and therefore the tone of the evening. On this day, Joel Plaskett, a favourite in our house was playing on the ipod.

Some days when we have time we make the dough, you can find the recipe here but others days we cheat and get the dough from our local bakery, they usually have some on hand as does our grocery store.

This week, my oldest son just had to be the one to roll out the dough, an important honour which he took very seriously as he donned the pink apron.

This week, my youngest son was more into making playdough pizza, that's ok too.

And after an hour of dancing, dough rolling and clean-up, we add pizza sauce and cheese and bake it on a pizza stone which has been slowly heating up to 425 degrees in the oven. Ta Da, the best, most imperfect pizza ever!

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