Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something NEW in the Studio

A little glimpse into my strange mind: I cannot work unless my table is cleared and I know exactly where my tools and materials are. I am a fanatic when it comes to lining books perfectly on my shelves (to the mm) and a luxurious day spent cleaning out a cupboard is a recurring fantasy for me. I know, I sound like a freak, I probably am. It's ok, I can live with that label.

Well, today for my New Things Project I thought I would share something new that makes a freak like me jump for joy. My husband finally got the hint to hang my peg board for me in my new studio!

Of course by *hint* I mean laying out all the necessary tools and screws, drawing an outline exactly where I needed it and taping a note to the door that reaad something like, "Dear Husband, I would consider not coming home tonight unless this peg board gets hung in my office cause you may find your wife sobbing in the middle of her workspace."

You may ask why I didn;t hang the peg board myself, well there are 2 reasons, 1) I do not know how to use a drill (yet, but I vow to learn by end of summer). and 2) Husband is also a freak and if I touched his tools I would be single.

In any event, I can now work without feeling anxious about the whereabouts of my tools and husband can come home safely.

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