Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In The Studio Today

I'm back in my studio today making merry and getting back to what I love - making tiny pieces of glass with colourful-goodness.

I have been attempting to make my work life a little more focused in order to get more out of my very limited work-time buget. In order to make sure I get the most out of my studio time, I have been religious about planning my work, sourcing all my materials ahead of time and DOCUMENTING everything.

I thought I might share a little bit of my process lately, some inside the scenes pics of my notebooks.

I have been using penceil and paper sketches mostly to plan out my layout an get a basic colour story going before I cut glass. It doesn't always stay true to the story when I start working with the glass, but I find it best to have a solid starting point to avoid total disasters.

Here, I keep fighting with finding the "right" green (which always seems to be a difficult colour for me) I'm still tweaking it.

A successful colour test. Although the colours between the paper and glass don't always translate, sometimes the final result is fairly close to the original idea.

I promise I'll be back to this space soon to update you on my progress. For now, it's back to the studio for me:)

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