Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turning to Other Comforts - Soup Club

I have been having one of THOSE weeks in the studio.

My sketch book is full of great ideas - check! My studio is fully stocked with new glass and fun, shiny supplies - check! I have had soem time to myself, without children - check!

Just when everything is alined and should fall nicely into place, I can't seem to make anything work out the way I want it to. Every piece of glass I touch breaks. Every firing schedule I try seems off. Every design I draw looks like my 5 y/o did it (no ofense to him, he really is quite good for a 5 y/o).

In times like these, I am VERY grateful that I work from home and can find other comforts to distrat me. Today, I turn to making soup for my SOUP CLUB.

This week, in the dead of a winter I swear will never end, I wanted to choose a hearty soup that used up as many of the organic root veggies that I have with a Winter Veggie Soup. I also wanted to add a little spice to my usual comfort food because I need an extra kick this week.

I roasted these heritage gold and candy striped beets and potatoes with olive oil as the base with 2tsp of cayan pepper for that spicy kick I was after:

Then, I roasted a pan of red peppers, squash, carrots, parnsnips and onions. I added some veggie stock (I always make my stocks in large batches and then freeze them ahead to make everything easier during my busy weeks).

All I do to finnish the soup off is to puree it all together in the food processor. You can use a hand held blender, but I find that I need the food processor with larger amounts like this for soup club (which is a triple batch).

Now all I have to do is deliver this soup so my friends can share and HOPEFULLY things will get back to normal in my studio after my little break.

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