Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Perfect Find

I have to admit, that I hardly ever visit yard sales. I have so many things, and such a small house, that I just can't face bringing in more. But four years ago, when I passed these needle work trees, I just had to have them. I can't remember what I paid for them, but I know I had to fight with the kind woman selling them because she didn't even want me to pay her!

Four years later (and hence the reason I never go to yard sales) they sat in my basement until I remembered them. I had a problematic hallway, open to my dining room on a staicase wall, I never know what to hang there. Then one day, I remmebred these trees.

All I had to do was fight with the frames that they had been trapped in for so long, I found new ones waiting for me at a craft store (55% off on the day I showed up!). It was meant to be.

Now, not a single person walks by them without commenting on how perfect they are for the space. This summer I will definately be on the lookout (selectively mind you) for more perfect finds.

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