Friday, April 3, 2009

Window Shopping - All About The Pink

Today, it is pouring rain and a strong, blowing wind is rattling my windows. For today's window shopping I thought I would feature some lovely items in pink! No other colour could brighten my day as much or make me look forward to sunnier weather more.

This dress from lyptis is used as her avatar and caught my eye immediately!

I need to hop on the treadmill a little more before I get this one, but this skirt from fellow Canuk, Ureshii would be great for the spring and summer:

Finally, while not completely pink, I think these earrings by fussjewelery are a must for me this spring:

Happy Friday!! I must remeber that all this rain means that there will be something green to see (finally) in the days to come.

1 comment:

lyptis said...

Hey Penny!

Thanks for featuring me!
Those are all great items!:)

Its funny, that ure in Canada, coz its been raining like crazy in Australia the last days and yesterday there was huge thunder and rain in Melbourne, so i first thought u lived around here somewhere!;)