Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time for a break.

Kisses From The Beach by zuppaartista

I am usually the heartiest of Canadian Girls, but apparently, even I have my limits and I have reached them.

The truth is I've been in need of a break for some time. I have been really, really down and this cold winter hasn't helped one bit.

I tried creating my way out of my blues. I have made so much progress when it comes to work lately, but I can't seem to see the upside of it lately.

I took a break from some of my work and social commitments, book club can get by without me I'm sure, the dinner party we've been planning can be postponed and my custom clients have been very understanding when I push back deadlines. But still I'm feeling the weight of it all.

Last Tuesday, with husband away and work piling up, I felt that I was just tyring to get by with the kids when it occurred to me: I need to get away, we all do. Of course financially the timing couldn't be worse, and in terms of schedulling, deciding on a last minute beach vacation during March break is kinda nuts, but it's time - it's really time for a break.

I will be taking a short, but much needed break as we take our kiddies to the beach. I know that it won't fix everything, but I am hoping to come back a little rested and alot reengerized.

In the meantime, the shop will be closed tomorrow, March 14th until MARCH 26th. I promise to be just a little cheerier upon my return!


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