Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a difference a day (ok, 2) Makes

I snapped the first pic below of my back yard view from my studio window on Friday because I wanted to brag to a friend about the lovely little thaw we have been experiencing the last week or so in Toronto.

If you can ignore the ugly plastic kid toys, you can see that we actually had a patch of grass! After this killer winter, I have to admit that I was giddy with the prospect that it might actually be over soon.

Of course, it didn't last. This is my yard as I found it this am:

I really hate to be so sterotypically Canadaian (we do love to live here AND complain about the weather) but I AM SO DONE with winter.

Just when I was really getting down and grumpy about the snow, my biggest little one (my 9 year old) offfered to go shovel. I quickly accepted his offer, as long as he took his little brother out too.

When my 5 year went out to shovel the back yard pathway to the garage, he kept falling over because the shovel was too big for him. It was too good an opprotunity to pass up, so I grabbed my camera. Just as I was about to shoot, he looked around and, confident that no one was looking, he decided not to shovel after all. What this snow needed, was a little snow angel action:

With moments like this, I can ALMOST bear the idea of winter for a tiny bit longer. ALMOST. But spring better be coming soon, I have a garden to plan!

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