Monday, October 15, 2012

Studio Re-do: Before Pictures

This week, I'm redoing my little studio. When I say little, I really mean teeny tiny.

You see, I used to have a much larger workspace on the third floor of my house, but there have been many life changes around here in the last few years, one major one being my Mother moving in with my family of four, now making us a family of five in 1900 square feet of already squishy quarters.

When I moved into the sunroom off my kitchen (formally, a little mudroom) It looked something like this:

And This:
....and after my husband was tired of my ranting he built me this for my tools:

It wasn't my ideal space, but I grew to like this sunny little spot off of my kitchen,even though I have to pass the cookie jar 800 times a day as I walk in and out of it (a very bad geographical hazzard).

But soon enough, life happened again, we are renovation our house to make a fully contained apartment for my mother and giving my little boys some more room as they grow to be not-so-little. Now, I have this lovely washer and dryer in my tiny space to keep me company:
I know, right!?!

So, after I had my pity party during which I said I would never work again, my creative career was over, and, at one point, I would sell this *&^% house and get one that works, I decided a complete redo was in order.

Given that it's such a small space, investing in some shelving and work space that work, some paint, and some fabric and new lighting, shouldn't be all THAT expensive. So, guess what I'll be doing this week? Painting and organizing, and shopping and perhaps, maybe even sewing (yikes!).

Here's just a few more BEFORE PHOTOS:
I hope to be back to share a FINNISHED once and for all space soon!

XXOO Penny

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