Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Studio Re-do: Inspiration

Today is day two of my studio makeover! Yesterday, I posted my before pics. While I have been hard at work since then, I thought I would pop in and post some pictures that I've been collecting for inspiration.

I found them all on Pinterest: I love the ceiling colour here, the ceiling in my room is a little too low, but if it were higher, I wold be doing this:
Picture found here

I love pretty much everything about the photo below. I'm so looking forawrd to organizing my supplies and having the right storage solutions for everything:
Picture found here.

Finally, I love the fold out table below. It won't be part of my studio makeover this time, I'm very attached to my old desk as it's an old family piece, I think that this idea will be used somewhere in my home one day:
Picture found here.

xxoo Penny

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